How We Can Help

Operations Optimization
Through our years of Operations experience, we know how to operate and optimize processes. We are happy to partner with you to help you think through your operations organization holistically and advise on systems, processes and structures that are best for your business today and in the future. We can either do this as a one off engagement or as part of our Salesforce engagement.
Sample Projects
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Sales team performance management plans
  • Customer support automation and optimization
  • OKR framework implementation
  • Organizational structure, level, and scalability
Offshoring / Outsourcing
It is critical for a business to optimize its unit economics while ensuring that its full time employees are engaged with meaningful work that will help push their business forward. Offshoring / outsourcing can serve as a powerful lever to help you optimize your operations especially when paired with robust processes in tools like Salesforce. We have experience with offshoring / outsourcing in multiple areas and can help you decide what options are best for your company.
Sample Projects
  • Identifying workflows suitable for outsourcing / offshoring
  • Partnering with the right company for outsourcing / offshoring
  • Driving pilot periods with outsourcers / offshoring companies
Manager Development
Effective people management is key to successful company scaling. We understand that startups often need to quickly promote individuals with limited management experience. Our extensive experience in helping both new and experienced managers navigate day-to-day challenges will empower them to thrive in their roles. We would be delighted to work with your new managers to facilitate their growth!
Salesforce Implementation and Maintenance
Whether you need a Salesforce implementation from scratch or assistance with an existing instance, we've got you covered. We analyze your current business processes and tools, translating them into the world of Salesforce. Our team identifies areas for optimization and automation, enabling you to leverage Salesforce to its fullest potential and establish stronger processes. We also provide ongoing support of your Salesforce instance. Additionally, we help you navigate cost considerations for Salesforce.