Go to Market Services

I partner with founders and executive teams to grow revenue and set the foundation for scalability through GTM advisory, consulting, and fractional revenue and operations leadership. This takes a few forms:

  • Embed as a fractional revenue or operations leader in your organization

  • Work directly with founder or leadership teams to consult on strategic, revenue and operational challenges

  • Assessment of processes and technology stack to recommend optimizations

Sample Projects and Services

Operations and Revenue Optimization

Sales funnel optimization

Sales team performance management plans

Customer support automation and optimization

OKR framework implementation

Organizational structure, leveling and scalability

Offshoring / Outsourcing

Leveraging my experience in offshoring / outsourcing, I can help your business optimize its unit economics and employee engagement, thereby driving your operations forward.

Identifying suitable workflows

Partnering with the right company

Driving pilot period

Manager Development

Effective people management is key to successfully scaling a company. I understand that startups often need to quickly promote individuals with limited management experience. My extensive experience in helping both new and experienced managers navigate day-to-day challenges will empower them to thrive in their roles. I would be delighted to work with your new managers to facilitate their growth!
Eric is that rare collaborator who excels at both strategy and execution. He helped us adapt our sales plan in response to changing customer profiles, and then took the lead on the nuts and bolts of crafting deliverables and reporting. His work and work ethic are exceptional in every way, and have had a markedly positive impact on our business.
Dave Lowensohn
COO & Co-Founder at Candid
Eric’s expertise in revenue operations, Salesforce and web3 make him a unique asset. He’s been instrumental in helping us refine and operationalize our Sales processes as we aim to boost our team and revenue growth.  If you need help optimizing your operations during rapid expansion, Eric is the expert you'll want by your side!
Sajjad Rehman
VP of Revenue at Immunefi
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eric on multiple occasions and he’s been a true difference maker.  If you want to identify and implement cost-saving efficiencies to your ops org or an expert to help with your Salesforce implementation, look no further than Eric.
Jeremy Avin
CMO at Truehold
Eric has been a trusted partner of mine for years when it comes to scaling organizations. His hands-on experience leading startups makes him a great partner for technology implementations, coaching sales and operations leaders, and crafting growth strategies
Zubin Canteenwalla
COO at Saltbox, Inc.
Eric's super power is his ability to help you leverage Salesforce for your team's productivity and effectiveness. He is super easy to work with and "gets it" not as a process person but as a true business partner. If you need Salesforce help, there's no one better.
Sandy Carter
COO at Unstoppable Domains, Inc.
Eric not only provided valuable insights for our sales strategy, but also helped us turn those insights into action and provided great leverage for our start up!"
Lucy Voss
Regional Director - West at Saltbox, Inc.